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How to write an article on Blogger correctly to lead the search results

In this article, we will show you how to write an article on Blogger  in a professional manner that complies with the rules of search engine optimization (SEO). This brings you a lot of traffic and increases the profits of your blog.

How to write a blog post correctly

We have to follow some conditions and rules to write an SEO compliant article on Blogger blog,

In order for your article on Blogger to succeed, you must adhere to the following steps that will be mentioned and explained and the benefits of following them in writing an article on Blogger.

1- Choose the right title for your article

The title should be catchy and expressive of your content, and you should know that

Search engines give great importance to the beginning of the title. It is important to make sure to include the keyword at the beginning of your article title.

Also, the length of the address should be taken into account that it should not be too large. A long title is not popular with search engines, unlike a short title, which is friendly and popular with search engines.

Preferably the number of characters in the title should not exceed 55 characters with spaces so that search engines can read it completely.

And your article must contain one tag which is H1 which is the main title and you write the title of your article in it.

Therefore, you should pay attention when writing an article on Blogger not to use the main title word in your topic at all. Because if you create a headline, H1 will be duplicated in your article and it will become unreadable by search engine bots.

The order of the titles is as follows (Title - Sub-Title - Sub-Title).

Then after the title, it is preferable to write a paragraph of 3 to 5 lines, in which the keywords are written in a beautiful, coordinated way.

2- Add the article to the categories or categories in Blogger

When writing an article on Blogger, it is necessary to add the article under a specific category or under a specific section or create a new section for it within your blog. You can create a new category by typing its name after clicking on Categories. Example (Profit section, Blogger section, SEO section, etc. to make it easier for your readers and visitors to get to your topics quickly.

Dividing the blog into sections is one of the important things that increases the speed of its archiving and its visibility in search engines.

3- Create a custom permalink for your blog post

When writing an article on Blogger, it is preferable to create a dedicated permalink to indicate the content of the topic. So that search engines understand that instead of the link that blogger blogs automatically generate, which ends with the blog post.

It is known that the Blogger platform does not support writing in Arabic in the URL, unlike Wordpress. So you have to choose a title, translate it and add it as a custom URL, like the title: Learn SEO The URL should be like Learn SEO.

This can be done by clicking on the word permalink and typing the appropriate title in English separated between each word by a hyphen (-). So that there are no incomprehensible spaces in the article link.

4 - Put the meta code to describe the article Description Meta Tag

It's called Blog Search Description, and if it's not enabled you can enable it from the settings section of the blog.

It is very important text and appears below the title in search results, and you should put a description of each article you write that does not exceed 150 characters.

Therefore, it should include the keywords and semantics of your article, which Google displays in a bold and clear font.

When writing the description, you should take into account the need to add keywords or keywords and semantics. And that the description expresses the content of the article to attract the reader's attention to enter the article and benefit from it.

It is preferable to write an article on Blogger of at least 500 words. Because search engines prefer long articles with abundant background information.

5- Choose an image for the article and how to make an exclusive image

In writing the article, it is necessary to have images of your article that express it and increase its value when searching for spiders in Google, preferably after the first paragraph in the article.

 But the images should be your own, that is, you design them through one of the image creation programs, the most famous of which is Photoshop.

And you can download royalty-free images from free sites for normal and commercial use such as unplash.

Lots of bloggers make this mistake and take photos from Google. They don't know that the photos they upload are copyrighted and they are asking for other people's ownership.

And if it is necessary to download it from Google, it must be modified even by adding a filter or writing on it to make the image completely exclusive.

Also, when writing a blog post, you have to change the size of the image to be uploaded to the blog. The more light your blog is, the faster your blog will be in search engines.

You must add an alternate title for the images in the properties for the search engine to recognize them. If the image cannot be shown to visitors, the alt text will be displayed.

If you follow the previous steps carefully, you will undoubtedly see your blog in the first results in search engines.

Our topic on how to write an article on blogger has ended, and for any question or query you can leave it in the comments.