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The best advertising companies compatible with Google Adsense 2022

Many beginners in the world of profit from the Internet are looking for the best alternative advertising company for Google Adsense, especially when creating a blog, Blogger, or WordPress. The site is acceptable in Google AdSense, and the disappointment is greater for those whose Google Adsense account has been banned for violating some laws, but Google Adsense is not the only way to profit from displaying ads. If you are one of those people, don’t worry, I will share with you the best online advertising companies that offer high and good CPM rates for advertisers, especially publishers.

The best advertising companies compatible with Google Adsense 2022

Are you looking for the best ad sites to monetize your blog? There are hundreds of companies specialized in this field on the Internet that offer high CPM rates, which is very important, especially for Arabic publishers and blogs. Who suffers from the problem of return per thousand impressions, which is weak in most Arab countries. That's why we created this guide on the best CPM sites, one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense. Before we start listing these sites, I would like to point out that Google Adsense is still the best in terms of earnings and type of ads, and it is the leading company in the field of advertising profit.

1- PropellerAds Advertising Company


Propeller Ads is a very large ad network that provides leading technologies in ad serving and optimization for online advertisers and publishers. The platform provides a range of ad types including Push Notifications, Push In-Page (Banner), MultiTag, Direct Link (Direct Ads), Interstitial Ads, and finally Ads Onclick (Popunder) is the best ad you can get a good return on, and from The main advantage of this ad network is that you can work interactively to improve your campaigns. It also features automatic ad optimization, where your settings are fine-tuned by artificial intelligence, giving you the best number of conversions per ad without manual effort. In addition to advertising, additional income can be made through the referral program, which will earn you a commission of 5% on all future revenue for new publishers who join via your referral link.

The only bad thing is that blogs with a free hosted domain name like blogspot.com and wordpress.com are not accepted, so you have to buy a paid domain first from Godaddy or any site to buy one.

Propeller Ads offers many ways to withdraw funds and payments are received monthly upon reaching the minimum payment threshold, which varies according to the payment method you choose, namely:

  • Payoneer account
  • PayPal in US Dollars
  • Skrill EUR
  • Wise EUR (TransferWise EUR)
  • Wise USD (TransferWise USD)
  • Web Money Z

2- AdCash Company


A leading company in the field of profit from the Internet through ads, this company has 5 ad units that you can profit from which are Pop-Under, Interstitial, Native Ads, Banners, In-Page Push and the most important ad unit is Pop-up ads. Advertising with the Anti-Adblock feature to earn more revenue. More customization and control over ads, like other companies, can generate additional income for your account with a referral program that makes you earn 5% of your referral revenue.

Payment methods available on AdCash:

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Webmoney
  • Paxum
  • Bank transfer.

Registration in AD CASH company

3- Media.net advertising company


Media.net is one of the largest advertising networks operated by Yahoo and Bing. They provide a variety of ads. They use a mixture of native ads, display ads, and contextual ads to deliver a unique advertising experience to users. Media.net was the first to develop a fully manageable server-side bidding platform, allowing you to get the most out of automated bidding with minimal effort.

Monetize your content with exclusive access to billions of queries from Yahoo! Bing Network. Sign up and your site will only take two days to get approved without having to wait weeks.

Media.net supports many payment methods, including the following:

  • PayPal
  • bank transfer
  • The minimum payment is $100.

Register at Media.net

4- Adversal Company


If you are looking for another network similar to the Google Adsense network, then Adversal will definitely be the best for your site. For best results, they use good ad banners and the CTR is high and they are constantly improving. To be eligible to sign up for the Adversal Network and start running ads on your blog, your website must have its own domain, have at least 50,000 page views per month, not contain illegal things like malware and adult content, and have no registration restrictions. Access. You'll be able to receive the winnings approximately every 15 days to your PayPal, bank account, or check and the minimum payment is $20.

Create an account now and start earning up to $1,000 per month from Adversal.

5- PopAds Network

pop ads

PopAds is a well-known ad company that specializes in popunder ads, and it is indeed the best-paid ad network for this type of ad. So you can monetize your site traffic to make a good profit from high-quality ads, with targeting options that allow you to optimize your ad campaigns and unlike other ad networks, they pay you every day as long as your earnings reach $5 or more. And start bringing good visitors to your website As an advertiser or publisher, your account will be approved easily and ads will start appearing on your site, quickly sign up for the PopAds network.

Dear friend, the companies presented in this article are generally compatible with many sites, but studying your audience to target them correctly and managing your ads professionally is what makes you get huge profits with less effort, so choose the right company for your blog and do not let a lot of profits pass in front of you, We will constantly update this article for the best advertising companies.

Propeller Ads registration link