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 All you need to know about Google AdSense

Google Adsense is an advertising program belonging to the famous Google company, that enables its users to profit online, by linking it to blogs, websites, Android applications, and even various YouTube channels.

All about Google AdSense earnings

Google AdSense is one of the most prominent and most famous advertising services ever that have been able to make a profit from the Internet, as many young people have recently gone to search for how to work and profit online through the various existing methods, and through Google AdSense, it was one of the most powerful ways they found.

In this article, we will learn in detail about everything related to Google Adsense, how it works and creating an account on it, the advantages of the Google AdSense service, in addition to what everyone is interested in, and how to profit from Google Adsense and other details.

What is Google Adsense Google Adsense?

Google Adsense As we mentioned before, it is one of the advertising services provided by Google, and it is one of the complete freeways that owners of different websites use to get a lot of profits.

Google AdSense can be used by many people, they are website owners, YouTubers who own a YouTube channel, those who own online stores, bloggers, and those who have smartphone apps, by linking their services with a Google AdSense account and making use of from him.

You can earn with Google Adsense by displaying ads on any of the previous sites or platforms, and the more traffic you get, the higher the earnings. Bloggers seek to profit by posting these ads on their platforms.

Google Adsense has a smart and powerful targeting system, where the ads that appear on the site are appropriate to the content that it provides, and also cares about showing ads that are relevant to the audience visiting the platform on which they are displayed.

In order to start working on Google Adsense and link it to your platform, whatever you benefit from it, you should learn in more detail about the mechanism by which Google Adsense itself works, and how to create an account on it.

How Google AdSense works:

Working on the Google Adsense site is very easy because it depends on two parties, and Google Adsense is a mediator between them.

The first part is the owner of the advertisement registered in the Google AdSense program to display its ads. It has two options, either to display the sponsored links on the Google results page or to display ads on other sites, blogs, and platforms.

The second part is the owners of multiple platforms and sites that have linked their Google AdSense accounts to offer them advertising services for profit. Here, Google evaluates those sites and platforms on which it will display ads and then distributes ads to them.

Google AdSense filters and reviews ads to verify that they are appropriate and do not display inappropriate content or text to users, and to ensure that they meet ethical and editorial standards set by Google.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Google AdSense tool distributes it appropriately on pages with appropriate content for each ad, ensuring higher ad conversion rates, assuming that the audience entering the site or platform is interested in what the ad offers, as it matches what It is provided on site.

Create a Google AdSense account:

After you have learned information about Google Adsense that enables you to understand the mechanism of dealing with it, now is the time to create an account on Google Adsense to start the first steps to making profits through it.

Creating an account on Google Adsense requires several conditions that must be met first. These conditions are:

  • You have a Google account.
  • The presence of a platform or website for the user of the service to post advertisements on it.
  • The content posted on this platform is original, meaning it does not own the copyrights of others, and the user is the original owner of the submitted content.
  • Read and adhere to the Google Adsense policies and terms carefully, so that the account will not be closed or deleted from the Google Adsense program if you violate these policies.

By applying and agreeing to the Google Adsense policies and terms, it's time to create a Google Adsense account, then link it to your site and start earning from Google Adsense.

Here are the general steps for creating a Google AdSense account in detail:

  1. Go to the official website where you can create a Google Adsense account.
  2. Click Register Now or the Register button.
  3. Enter the URL of your site that you want to associate with the account to view and add ads to.
  4. Enter your e-mail address.
  5. Decide if you need some help from Google Adsense with ads or not.
  6. Save your selection and continue recording with the Save and Continue button.
  7. Register for your Google account.
  8. Choose the country and province in which you reside.
  9. You agree to the Google Adsense terms and policies of use.
  10. Finally, click on Create Account.
  11. Before you formally accept Google AdSense, Google reviews the data you've entered and the website address that you've reviewed to make sure it complies with Google's terms and policies.
  12. Add a Google Adsense bank account number to deposit your earnings in.

After the registration process is complete, you will find that Google sends an envelope to your mailing address, containing the confirmation subscription code, this takes approximately two weeks max.

After you have the previous steps, you will already have a new Google Adsense account that you can start using and you will find that ads will appear on it from the moment you are accepted by Google, and you can place them on any of the pages of the site.

Types of ads on Google Adsense:

There are many types of ads that Google Adsense allows to display on the websites of the service users, and it also allows publishers to choose what form of advertisement they want to display on their sites, as well as its location.

1- text ads:

One of the simplest types of ads that can be displayed through Google AdSense, also known as sponsored links, is an ad URL that can be clicked to go to the page related to the ad.

Text ads often consist of only one or two lines that express the advertising content of the product or service being advertised, and the URL is often green.

It is possible to customize the color and size of the text in the advertisement as well as the way it is displayed on the site.

2- Display ads:

They are banners and images that are visible when you enter websites, and there are many places you can be on the page, you can find them at the top of the page, on the sides, or in the footer.

Google Adsense provides 15 formats and options for display ads, which may be horizontal, vertical, square, landscape, and other options, to allow the user to display them on his site as he sees fit so as not to harm the content that is displayed on your site, and give a negative user impression.

It can also display ads that include both text and images.

3- Multimedia ads:

They are often interactive ads with HTML, GIF, and videos, which are rich ads to grab the attention of your visitors, asking them for a certain action or action in most cases.

Some consider this multimedia ad a two-sided coin, although it is one of the most powerful types of ads that attract the attention of visitors, excessive use can give a bad impression to the user or visitor, and make them feel bored.

4- Links Unit Ads:

There is a so-called link module through which you display a list of important topics related to the content displayed on websites, and when the user selects a topic or item from the list, he goes directly to the Google Ads page that talks about the topic he has chosen.

Pay in these ads each time a visitor or user of different sites clicks on one of the ads that appear in the front of him on the page.

5- Google Adsense search:

This formula is a little different, as a Google search box can be embedded within your website, and when the user searches through this search box, he finds in front of him the page related to the search results through Google AdSense so that the ads appear in proportion to the content published on the site as well.

Places to place ads on the site:

At the outset, we should indicate how to place ads on the site. After choosing the shape of the advertisement, its dimensions, dimensions, and all the details related to it, a JavaScript code or code is generated, placing it in the place where he wants to display the advertisement on the site, and giving you the possibility to place advertisements. That only suit the content and visitors of your site.

The publisher can choose the appropriate place to display the advertisement. The advertisement should be placed in a place where it is easy for visitors to see, and you can get to the right place through the experience.

The place of the advertisement must also be chosen so that it does not negatively affect the content presented on the site, and what is suitable for the audience following it, and now we will clarify the famous places where advertisements can be displayed on websites.

1- Under the head:

A strategic and important area in which you can place Adsense ads is Google AdSense, most often the size of the sites is 90 * 720.

2- Top of the bill:

It is very similar in its properties to the ads under the header, but its importance is less important than that of the ads.

3- Sidebar:

It is a place where many ads can be placed on many pages, depending on the design of the WordPress template, it can be on the article page, section pages or even home pages, often the size is 250 * 300.

4- In the middle of the articles:

This place belongs to a rather new type called native ads, and when you place the ad in this way, it appears in a way that matches the width of the articles list, and it also gives the possibility to control the colors and dimensions.

5- Inside the content of the articles:

It also belongs to native advertising, and also corresponds to the content of the article, its format can be controlled.

 Now that we know where we can display ads, a question on the minds of many is how many ads are there on a single page? It's worth noting here that Google allows you only three ads per page.

Earning from Google Adsense:

At this stage, we will provide a full explanation of everything related to making money from Google Adsense, starting with the profit rate and how it can be achieved, as well as ways to increase and withdraw your earnings.

How to make money from Google Adsense:

The point most people go to directly is, How can you make money with Google AdSense?, It is necessary to know that there are two ways to make money from Google Adsense. These two methods can be summed up in the two old points:

  • CPR:  Money is earned each time a user or visitor clicks on an advertisement on the publisher's website.
  • CPM: This method is also known as cost per mile and money is earned in this way according to the number of visits to the platform on which the ad is located.

Earn money from Google Adsense:

This point cannot be given direct information, as there are many factors on which the profit from Google Adsense depends, and in the following, we will explain these factors to deduce the profit rate from Google AdSense.

1- Number of visitors:

Certainly, the number of visitors to the site has an impact on the rate of profit. The more visitors, the more ads will be seen and more reactions to them, and therefore the rates increase to achieve high-profit rates.

2- Nature of the visitors:

The difference in visitors to your site affects the rate of profit, most of the visitors are male or female, and their age, education, interests, problems, and all of this is related to the content you publish.

3- Geographical distribution of visitors:

It is one of the very influencing factors, as the price of a visitor's click varies from one country to another on the same ad, so you will not find the price of a visitor's click for a Kuwaiti or Emirati visitor equal to the price of an Egyptian visitor.

4- Places of advertisements:

The places of advertisements are among the factors that affect the viewership of the advertisement and thus the rate of profit. The places and organization of advertisements depend on the nature of the site, its visitors, and the content in it, as we previously mentioned.

5- Site area:

Advertisement click price advertising varies from one to another depending on the field and location, as the distribution of ads follows a targeted system in which the ads are consistent with the nature of the content of the site.

6- Quality of the provided content:

It stands to reason that the higher the quality of what a website or other content provides, the longer the visitor will be on the site, which increases the chances of an advertisement appearing for them, and thus higher profits.

7- The number of ads on the website's pages:

There are some specialists who say that the effectiveness of 3 ad units per page is better, for example, than the effectiveness of 5 units.

8- Use and Allow Ad Blocking Feature:

One of the properties that Google AdSense provides to site owners and publishers, which affects the profit rate, through this feature you can block some ads that appear on your site, and if you can use the feature professionally so that you block the appearance of inappropriate Advertising content to visitors or pay less and the appearance of Appropriate advertising that pays more as an alternative can increase your profit rate.

9- Percentage of clicks out of the total page views that contain the CTR ad:

This percentage of clicks is not a fixed percentage but varies based on many factors such as how long visitors stay on the page, or how relevant the content of the advertisement is to the content of the page, and this percentage ranges between 1% to 3%, as you may find that the price of a click in Arabic content ranges between 2 and 6 cents

All of these, in a nutshell, was the factors on which the profit rate from Google Adsense depends.

Receiving the earnings of a Google Adsense account:

The last point in explaining how to make money from Google Adsense, after you get earnings as a result of posting ads on your site, you have to withdraw them.

You find that in the process of logging in, Google AdSense asked you for your bank account number, from where you can get your earnings through that bank account.

Earnings from Google AdSense Google Adsense can be earned once per month, through bank transactions, or transfers for those who have reached a balance of $100 or more until the 21st of the month, and pay in dollars.

Currency can be converted from dollars to the local currency that you transact in your country, but keep in mind that the commission taken when converting is not very large.

By the end of this point, we have talked about most of what is related to making money with Google Adsense and earning from it.

Talking about Google AdSense Google Adsense, and the profit from it may extend to several articles and we will not finish, and for this, we are now content with what we mentioned in this article, and if you reach the end here, you will find that I have learned about Google Adsense and the definition of the program and what is related to it, and the advertising system for Google Adsense, how to deal with websites with it, and finally how to make money from Google Adsense.