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Profit from YouTube 2022: Your comprehensive guide to making a fortune on YouTube

You may have seen many articles and courses that talk about profit from YouTube, but most of them do not provide you with enough information, especially if you are interested in this field and want to create a successful channel with a large number of subscribers and views.

Profit from YouTube 2022: Your comprehensive guide to making a fortune on YouTube

This article that you are about to read, my friend, is a comprehensive guide for beginners, professionals, and everyone who wants to profit from YouTube 2022, where we will answer many important questions and put you, God willing, on the right path to obtain the largest profits from this wonderful field.

First, let's start with this important story, where I was sitting in a cafe with one of my friends and we brought up a topic about how to profit from YouTube. He told me that this is easy, all you have to do is post some clips and attract viewers, record football videos or the goals of some players, or even By recording TV programs and then sitting back and watching the money in your account...

 Perhaps not only my friend who thinks so, but many beginners, and as soon as he creates a YouTube channel, he thinks directly about taking videos that are not his and making a montage, which we think he will earn easily.

You should know, my brother, that profiting from YouTube requires time, effort, and perhaps investing some money. Do not ever think about stealing videos because if you want to work in this field, you must be the one who creates that content.

Does this mean that YouTube is not profitable? Is it true that Arabic YouTube is just a waste of time and its profits are weak? 

Of course not, my friend. If that was the case, I would not have seen the biggest artist rush to add his new song to his YouTube channel before he even talked about it in a television interview.

For example, the revenues of the song despacito , which has so far received the largest percentage of views in the world, amounted to more than 80 billion dollars, and even channels are making excellent profits, as we mentioned in previous money about the 10 richest channels on YouTube that the largest channel is currently achieving more than 117 thousand dollars.

profit from youtube

Surely you are now convinced that YouTube is the best if you want fame and earn money at the same time, so it's time to teach you how to work and the way to make a fortune from YouTube.

where do I start? And how to create a successful YouTube channel?

To answer this important question, you must first know the answer to these points

  • Who will watch my video? Because when you answer this question, you will know the target group of your channel's audience.
  • What kind of content do I offer to people?
  • Is there someone currently working in the same field that I want to join, or is it new? This will enable you to see channels that work in the same field that you want to start and start in, and thus will help you to get many ideas.
  • Why was this channel established? If your purpose is material only and you do not like the field in which you will start, you will never succeed because profits need work and a love of space for success.
  • How can I maintain the quality of the content over time? Certainly, if you choose a field that you love, you will always be keen to improve the quality of the content you provide, whether it is in terms of sound or image quality, or both.

If you are still confused, I will give you, my friend, ideas for creating successful channels.

educational and technical channels

What skills do you have? Are you good at designing through Photoshop, designing websites and templates, programming Android applications, or other educational and technical skills? Create a channel to benefit people, as many people seek to obtain such information on a freeway, people will benefit from your experience and you also enjoy working in a field you love, and therefore it will be easy for you to earn money from YouTube.

Note: This field is considered the easiest way to profit from YouTube for beginners, especially since what you need is a computer to film your lessons or your mobile phone to explain and work on some Android applications.

Cartoon series designed for children or adults

The cartoon is the most entertaining material that people enjoy watching and it gets high views on YouTube. This field is still little competition in our Arab world, especially as it requires experience and skills, but if you are an expert in Adobe After Effects and combine images with sound in a professional way, you should start now by creating your channel because you are my friend. You will make a fortune.

Create a channel to move the dolls

My friend may think that it is trivial at first, but this field is excellent for creating successful channels, as you can not show your face, but only show that doll and provide content that brings the viewer, such as criticizing some popular videos or analyzing the political situation in countries or other Topics that young people love, and you will find that people are attached to the character of that doll, and your channel will gain great popularity in a short period of time.

Create a gaming channel

If you are obsessed with video games and are looking for a way to profit from YouTube by publishing video games, then surely you have chosen the appropriate field. Arab and global.

To succeed in this field, it is enough just to see the list of the most-watched games on Twitch or YouTube Gaming, just play it and share your experience with your channel followers

cooking education channels

If you, my brother or madam, are a skilled cook, YouTube will provide you with additional profits when you post videos and share successful recipes with your audience.

These channels usually get great profits because of the number of loyal viewers, who are often from the category of women who eagerly await every new recipe as soon as you publish it on your channel.

how to earn from youtube

Choose a channel name

Before you decided to launch your own YouTube channel, did you think about the name? Is it special? What does it have to do with what you offer?

 To ensure your success through YouTube, you need a remarkable name to carry the identity of the owner of the channel as a brand so that the audience will remember it when searching.

Channel creation 

By having a Gmail account, you can create a YouTube channel using the name you chose beforehand and then add an image for the channel that will always be the same logo that you use in most of your videos so that the viewer knows as soon as he sees that logo that it is your channel and also that the cover for the channel is professional because the channels that do not It has a cover or a non-professional image that suggests to the viewer that the content of that channel is not good.

Do not forget to pay attention to the description of the channel, the better it is, the more positively it will affect your videos and their general performance in terms of suggesting them to viewers who are interested in the same field as your channel.

upload videos 

Try in your first video to attract subscribers to your channel. You should always continue to publish videos even if you do not get large views, as this will make your audience trust you and subscribe to your channel. Answer the questions of all followers at the beginning, as this will contribute to increasing the interaction in your channel and make it grow quickly.

Channel Marketing

At first, you will notice that the number of views on your channel is weak, and this is normal, because it does not yet have a large number of subscribers, so I will give you the magic recipe that enabled me to succeed on YouTube and get subscribers in a short period.

  • I advise you to work and market your videos through Facebook, because it is the best place to get views quickly, especially publishing your video in interactive groups that are interested in the same field of your channel.
  • You can also run an advertising campaign through Facebook to bring the largest number of interactions and views for a small amount.
  • You can also contact channels that specialize in the same content that you provide and cooperate with them by advertising for them in one of your videos and they do the same thing, and this will help you and help them to get new subscribers. My friend advised you to follow this video, as I shared with you my personal method that helped me exceed 100,000 subscribers on YouTube in a short period of time.

Activate monetization

If you want to activate monetization on your channel and profit from YouTube 2022 you must first get more than 1000 subscribers and more than 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months on your channel.

Then you will be eligible for a manual review by a YouTube customer, and if the content you provide is good and does not violate the YouTube forum guidelines policy or copyright, it will activate monetization and profit from your channel.

how to calculate profit from youtube

How much profit from youtube? It is the most important question asked by everyone who enters this wonderful field, especially since most of those who entered the field of YouTube usually have their main obsession with profits!

You must understand, my friend, that calculating profit from YouTube is not as easy as you think, especially that the price of every 1000 views of any YouTube video changes according to many factors, as it varies according to the country of view. If the video is watched by 1000 people from the Gulf, i.e. from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman or Bahrain, Or any rich Gulf country, you will get about 3 dollars.

The same for other rich countries such as America and Canada, the rate of profit per 1000 video views is about 4 dollars.

For the countries of the Maghreb, such as Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco, the profit from YouTubeIt is less for every thousand views, it is almost half a dollar! That is $0.5 per 1000 views.

But you must understand, my friend, that the numbers you provided are not fixed, as they are only an average of profits and differ from one channel to another according to the field of the channel.

Ways to withdraw your profits through YouTube

Contrary to what some people imagine, the ways to withdraw your money through YouTube are numerous and suit almost all Arab countries, and in the following, I will present to you the most famous methods. 

Earn from YouTube with Google Adsense

Via Adsense directly

Profit via YouTube is usually direct, as we explained previously, after activating the monetization feature for the channel, where you link your channel with the AdSense account, and thus withdraw your profits when your balance reaches the minimum payment limit, which is usually $100 or 70 euros or its equivalent in local currency (example in Tunisia The minimum withdrawal amount is 200 Tunisian dinars.

As for the method of withdrawing money, it is usually by sending a direct bank transfer after you have previously linked your account with your Google Adsense account. As for the old accounts, the payment method is a bank transfer via Western Union.

Via Partner or the so-called MCN

You can also resort to a reliable partner who will be a mediator between you, as a channel owner, and YouTube, and this broker is the one who pays you money in return for a commission.

People turn to MCN companies, especially because of payment methods, because these companies can pay money in different ways, such as PayPal or Payoneer and other ways. Partnership companies also provide many advantages to channel owners, such as free videos that can be used in montage, as well as music and other tools The assistance varies from one company to another.

earn money from youtube without adsense

Adsense is not the only way to make money from YouTube, but you can get additional income without Adsense.

Among the areas that I recommend:

  1. Get traffic to your site or blog, especially if it has ads
  2. Profit through paid videos by providing reviews for sites and applications
  3. Affiliate marketing for products that you have tried in your videos
  4. Profit from selling paid courses that you created previously


In this guide, I tried to present almost everything about the beginning of the road and profit from YouTube for the year 2020, and many ideas that, if you take advantage of them well, can be one of the largest channels and make a fortune through YouTube.

 What I always advise you to do for success is to love what you do, if you do not love the field in which you work, you will never succeed in the field of YouTube.

I am always pleased to present to you all the new lessons on profit from the Internet in our blog. If any point in this guide is not clear, leave a question in the comments and I will be pleased with your answer