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Explanation of Adsense Arbitrage and how I managed to make $300 per day

The Google Adsense platform is the best for anyone who wants to work in the field of blogging and earn money through his blog because it is the most credible among all companies. $10, especially if the visits and clicks are from rich countries such as America and Canada.

Explanation of Adsense Arbitrage and how I managed to make $300 per day

So today I wanted to share with you my wonderful experience in this field and how I was able to achieve more than $ 340 in one day through profit from Adsense Arbitrage.

What does Adsense arbitrage mean?

Adsense Arbitrage is the so-called AdSense arbitration system, which is simply a system based on buying and selling at the same time, meaning that you simply buy traffic or visits at a cheap price and sell them at a more expensive price to other advertisers.

As an example, you can buy cheap visits from Facebook at a price of $ 0.1 and earn through the clicks that come to your site by clicking on Google Adsense ads, which are usually at a much more expensive price.

There are many sites that enable you to buy visits at a cheap price, and Facebook is the most popular among marketers, but you need additional skills to learn how to filter ads to get the largest financial return from Adsense, which I will teach you today, brother.

But stop my friend it is not that simple!!

In order to get a great return per thousand impressions in AdSense, your clickthrough rate (CTR) on your AdSense arbitrage ads should be above average Generous.

Other than that, you should try to get the highest CPC price in Adsense arbitrage, meaning that your campaign’s CPC exceeds $0.5 and this will be difficult when targeting Arab countries, so we always advise in our traffic campaigns to target countries that are expensive for CPC such as America, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

I mean, you are here to succeed in AdSense Arbitrage, you must increase the click-through rate on your ads and at the same time improve the CPC rate that you get on your account. 

The best niches to make big profits from the field of Adsense arbitrage

I personally worked on many areas and niches to try the best ones in terms of financial return, and I found that the best areas for profit now, which work easily with Feral's articles:

  • Viral News & Stories
  • Celebrity News
  • Travel
  • Humor
  • Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Pets & Animals
  • Health and Fitness
  • Cars

Of course, there are many fields, but this list presents the best for you.

How to create a website for profit from AdSense arbitrage

Creating a strong and good site is the most important secret to your success in any campaign to profit from Google Adsense, and here I will review the most important steps for building a strong site and how I designed a site that enabled me to reach profits of more than 340 per day.

Domain and hosting

To build an integrated WordPress site, you need hosting and a good domain. There are many distinguished hosting companies, my dear brother, and by virtue of my great dealings with most of them, I offer you the best hosting companies and offers from my point of view.


You can choose the annual plan and get a free domain with the use of the SUPER2020 coupon for less than 50 dollars


It is one of the fastest hosts I have tried and its price is special, starting from only 0.89 cents. Also, use the coupon ALARBE7 to reduce the price


They say it is the best for every WordPress user and I tried it and it is excellent.


Of course, these are not the only hosts that can be used, but here I took into account two factors, namely price and quality.

The only important thing that I warn about is the Namecheap company because you or you don't answer a good number of visitors fall and about my brothers experience.

# For the domain of my brothers, I always recommend a domain. com and also be easy to save so that visitors can remember it and come back to it later for more reading of your Feral articles.

Template used by Feral sites

To build your site, especially a profitable site to work on AdSense Arbitrage, the Bamber template is undoubtedly the best, speed, beauty, consistency, and very excellent for Feral sites by allowing interaction with posts and comments via Facebook and other great features.

The most important plugins for WordPress

There are several plugins that must be used when working with this method, and the most important plugins are:

Ad Inserter

This plugin helps you easily add Google Adsense ads to your article, in the place you see fit, which will make it easier for you to choose the right place to advertise when doing the test process.

Theia Post Slider

An important addition to all Feral articles, as it allows you to divide your article into parts with ease, thus helping you to increase the visibility of your ads on Google Adsense and increase your profits.

Really Simple SSL

One of the most important additions to any WordPress site is that you control visitors in terms of transferring them directly to the safe interface of your site.

The next image represents the final look of a good article with clever ad segmentation and shares article buttons.

What are the most important and best sources of traffic?

PPC or pay per click ads

There are many excellent traffic sources for Adsense (of course we are talking about real and not fake visits) that can easily compensate for the purchase of visitors to your arbitrage site, especially if you are working on Feral articles, and the best source so far for ads that pay per click are Facebook ads, They are very targeted and much cheaper than competing companies such as Google Adwords, Snapchat ads, and others.

native ads

I highly recommend this type to everyone who wants to work on Adsense Arbitrage, as it is excellent traffic and the price per click is cheap compared to other traffic sources.

The best Native advertising companies, according to my experience:

  1. Media.net
  2. Taboola
  3. Content.ad
  4. RevContent
  5. Mgid
  6. AdNow
  7. Clickbank & CPA offers

For everyone who does not know the meaning of native ads, they are simply the ones that you find at the bottom of the article. They are in the form of images as if they were other articles related to the article you entered, as the image shows.

What is the relationship between the profit from feral sites and profit from Facebook Adsense arbitrage?

Surely you have noticed that everyone who talks about profit from Adsense Arbitrage on Facebook does not mention the profit from feral sites, and the reason is that the feral sites are loved by people. There are many, so if you create a website with all the topics Viral and publish that topic on Facebook and make a sponsored advertisement, the click price will be cheap because the rule says the more interaction and clicking on that funded post, the lower the click price.

In a clearer way, what I meant is that if you make an advertisement on Facebook and pay for the click 0.01$ with 1000 clicks, 321 shares, 477 likes for the post and 33 comments, the price you will pay in this example is 10$, but the secret that happened is that you are in fact I got more than 2000 clicks through the people who shared your post, so their friends will surely enter that article (of course, it is a Feral article) and thus you get free clicks naturally, and this is what makes it the best traffic source for people who work in the field of Adsense Arbitraj through Alferal articles.

What do I need to get started in the field of Adsense arbitrage?

Of course, what you need is blogging, choosing articles that encourage people to interact with them by publishing them, and choosing the appropriate template that encourages clicking on ads.

If you are a beginner, you can start through the Blogger platform, but I advise everyone who can buy hosting to work on WordPress, as it is much better in terms of SEO and also which is the most important factor to increase the visibility of your ads. Adsense ads, meaning that the percentage of pressure on them will be large, which will help raise the percentage of CTR in your account and raise the percentage of views at the same time until all problems occur in your account.

A case study and how I managed to earn $300 per day from Adsense Arbitrage

Here, my brothers, I will share with you my own experience of success in this distinguished field:

  1. I built a powerful website using the Bamber template and HostGator hosting, targeting the pet niche.
  2. I then spied on the best successful advertising campaigns and chose an article that achieved excellent results. 
  3. Create an account on Fiverr and search for a good writer who drafted a topic similar to this article.
  4. I added advertisements professionally within the topic, which encourages the reader to enter it.
  5. I did the first advertising campaign on Facebook, targeting many age groups and many interests to get the best result
  6. I used many different images to get the best image that brings me the best CPC price on Facebook
  7. After obtaining the appropriate campaign, I doubled the advertising balance until I reached profits of $ 340 per day.