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Earn over $5000 per month writing and selling articles.

If you are good at writing articles in English, you can sell them and make good money online.

There are many content creators who have exclusive articles on their computers and mobile phones, and they don't know what to do with these posts and articles. They would like to publish their stories somewhere to earn money, but not all sites where you publish your content will accept your article and pay you well. Most of them pay based on views and readings, while others pay based on the quality and size of the article. This is very frustrating for freelance bloggers who spend hours and sometimes days creating their own content.

The good news is that today you can sell your exclusive and unpublished articles to earn $5000 or more every month. The following sites are looking for new and engaging stories, and are willing to pay you more than $250 per article.

How to write a coordinated and distinctive article?

At first, it seems difficult but it is not, search and read articles and stories that are similar to the topic you want to write on, and you can use Buzzsumo to help you do this task, this site once you type in your “keyword” provides you with more than 15,000 results containing On the titles and links of articles in this field, which have been widely shared on Facebook, Twitter and other sites, with the statistics of the number of posts by each network separately in the exact numbers. By reviewing this list, you will be able to come up with good ideas and methods for the topic of your article.

Here is a list of 10 honest and trusted sites that will pay you for your article:

  • ListVerse site

This site accepts all topics, you can write an article for anything you can imagine, provided that the article is listed. This site pays $100 for each accepted article. The list should not be less than ten things, and it should not be less than 1500 words. One of the most important features of this site is to allow placing your blog link at the end of the article, the site is visited by millions of visitors per month.

  • The Greater Good website

This most wonderful site accepts articles related to health, family, the world of economics, and business, and it is advisable to accompany these articles with scientific evidence. This site pays up to $625 for feature articles and $75 for book reviews. It also features the ability to put your blog and profile link at the end of the article.

  • Cosmopolitan site

This site is currently looking for writers and content makers to share their funny, crazy, and controversial experiences. This site pays over $100 per article of 800 words or more.

  • Babble's website

This site is concerned with everything related to the reality of motherhood and paternity, as it deals with the world of parents with their cruel and funny aspects.
The creators of this site are looking for new and unconventional ideas about motherhood and fatherhood. They pay $100 for regular articles, and over $750 for featured, well-formatted articles. It also features the ability to share your blog link at the end of the article.

  • Drop Zone website

This site specializes in paragliding and accepts publications and articles related to training, safety equipment, and related topics, you can earn more than $100 per article depending on your experience and expertise in this field. It is also allowed to put a link to your site or blog at the end of the article.

  • Model Railroad Hobbyist site

The specialty of this site is railways, so if you are a fan of this field, you should work on this site. The creators of this site pay $230 for each accepted and well-formatted article. And if the article is well-formatted with expressive images, you can be paid up to $1,000 per article. This site is also distinguished by agreeing to share your blog link within the article.

  • Transitions Abroad site

This site accepts articles related to education, study, and work abroad. They pay around $150 for curated and thoughtful articles and $50 for small articles. This site enables you to put a special link to your site or blog.

  • Sierra website

The articles on this site are related to topics related to the environment and its preservation, travel, nature, living, health and safety, and everything related to this field. They pay you over $50 for small articles and over $1,000 for well-researched and detailed posts. This site also allows you to share your blog link at the end of the article.

  • WebDesignTuts site

If you are a professor or experienced in writing detailed tutorials on web design, design and programming, you can work on this site. Also, through this site, you can film the courses by video and send them to them. On this site, they pay more than $100 for an acceptable article or video, and they can pay you more than $500 for well-articulated and detailed articles. This site also allows you to share your blog link at the end of your article.

  • A List Apart site

The specialty of this site is in the field of Internet networks, and it accepts articles related to design and programming. The organizers of this site pay more than 500 dollars per article.