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Best way to earn money from blogger without adsense

Profit from Blogger without Google Adsense

Profit from Blogger without Google Adsense Profit from Blogger is one of the most popular ways to earn online today, as many people are turning to profit from Blogger blogs to provide them with income.

Best way to earn money from blogger without adsense

In the recent period, people have been looking for ways to profit from Blogger without Google Adsense, because of the problems they face in terms of getting accepted into Google Adsense or closing their Google Adsense account and other reasons.

In this article today, we will provide a full and detailed explanation of the way to profit from Blogger without Google Adsense, and the most important Google Adsense alternatives to profit from ads.

Terms of profit from Blogger without Adsense:

Are there conditions for profit from Blogger blog without Adsense? In fact, yes, there are working conditions in order to be able to make a profit from a Blogger blog, whether with or without Google Adsense, and the most important of those conditions are the following:

There should be a clear and specific idea about the blogger from which he presents certain topics in a particular field such as health, sports, beauty, and other fields.
You should start by posting on your blog.
Continuing to publish articles and content on Blogger is critical to its success and monetization.
Pay attention to your blog's SEO and optimize your engines, and make sure your search results are on top in order to get many visitors.
Do not copy articles from any other blog or website. It must offer unique and distinctive content.
Promote your blog and post it on social media platforms to help spread it and become popular with many people.

After fulfilling most of the previous conditions, you will find that your blog has a good number of followers and visitors, and then you can make a profit from your Blogger blog in the way you see fit.

The best ways to make money from Blogger without Adsense:

There are many ways to make a profit from Blogger without Adsense, and we will present below a group of the most prominent and best of those methods:

1- Profit from affiliate marketing:

It is possible to profit from Blogger through the affiliate market, which is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet in general, and you can profit from Blogger without Adsense by promoting products, goods, or services from affiliate marketing sites such as an Amazon partner and others on your Blogger blog.

The idea of ​​commission marketing is an agreement between the marketer and the business owner, an institution, or an individual so that the marketer takes an agreed commission for each sale that he achieves through his own link.

Affiliate marketing can be through the Blogger platform as a marketing platform through which, for example, you can write an article about a service or product, market it well, attract visitors, and convince them to complete the purchase.

2- Profit from selling your own products:

Another way to make money from Blogger without Adsense is to sell your products through the blog. If you have a service or a good, you can promote it through Blogger, such as by writing an article explaining the most prominent and most important features of the product or service and trying to convince blog visitors to buy it.

High profits can be made from this method, as the income generated from selling your products will be yours unlike affiliates, which only take a percentage of sales, Blogger blog can be used to promote anything from a physical product like beauty tools or even digital products like apps Or codes or services such as courses, books, etc.

But the blogger domain must be related to the service you want to sell, so it doesn't make sense for a visitor to go into sports blogs and find an article promoting cosmetics on it, because that won't make an entirely good impression.

3- Profit from Google Adsense alternatives:

If you want to profit from ads located in Blogger cities, but you see that there are many complications when using Google Adsense, you can profit from Blogger without Google Adsense through the alternatives available to Google Adsense, and the best alternative to Adsense to profit from ads is Ezoic.

Ezoic is one of the biggest competitors of Google Adsense, an advertising company that provides high earnings when compared to other advertising companies, calculating earnings based on views and not subscriptions or clicks.

Ezoic offers different types of ads, including mobile ads, static ads, link ads as well as banner ads, and one of its best and most important features is that it allows you to choose the ad displayed on your blog in terms of size and volume.

Earnings from Ezoic can be withdrawn when you reach $20 in your account, and payment can be made through checks, bank transfers, or PayPal.

We can see that Wyswick is indeed one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense, and there are other ad companies that can definitely handle it, such as PropellerAds, Adsterra, Yllix Media, and others.

4- Profit from renting and selling advertising space on the blog:

You can profit from Blogger by renting ad space on it to other clients to display their ads in it for an amount of money that you specify and agreed upon with the advertiser, and the rental period is determined by the agreed period as well.

The more popular your blog and the more visitors it has, the higher the price for the ad space on it.

And you can place ads on your blog on Blogger in different places such as the footer or side menu or between the article and this is also agreed upon between you and the customer as each place has a different price according to the extent of its visibility to visitors.

5- Profit from submitting paid promotional articles:

One of the most famous ways to profit from Blogger without Adsense, where you can benefit from your publication of paid promotional articles by agreeing with a service or product owner to publish an article for him on the Blogger blog you own, where you talk about his product and this, of course, for a sum of money you get.

It is possible to earn in this way if the blogger blogs have a large number of followers and visitors so that many customers come to you to post promotional content and articles for their services to you and thus make a higher profit.

This method is very popular with the owners of companies and products, as it brings them high sales results without high costs. Of course, advertising on a website or blog will not cost as much as advertising through Adsense or conducting an advertising campaign.

The important thing here is that the products and services that you promote on the Blogger platform are suitable for you and your target audience, and make sure of their quality so that they do not negatively affect your blog and leave a bad impression on your audience.

Hence, we have come to the end of our article that talks about the best ways to make money from Blogger blogs without Google Adsense.