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The essentials of success in YouTube 2022 | Top tips for creating a successful YouTube channel

Working on YouTube has become one of the best pillars of success, and now many people are turning to creating channels on YouTube, working online, making a profit from YouTube, and achieving success, fame, and profits. To succeed on YouTube, there are basics and tips that you must know before starting to create a YouTube channel.

Therefore, in this article, we will give you the most important tips for creating a successful YouTube channel and the basics that you must know and follow before creating your YouTube channel to succeed on YouTube and earn money from YouTube.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will understand why everyone who wants to start working on YouTube and create a successful YouTube channel should know these basics and follow these tips to survive and succeed on YouTube and make money from YouTube.

Top tips for creating a successful YouTube channel

We will now learn the most important tips for creating a successful YouTube channel in 2022 to achieve success, fame, and profit from YouTube. If you want to learn more about how to succeed and continue on YouTube and how to make money from YouTube, keep reading to learn more tips.

1- The idea of ​​the channel

Before starting YouTube, you must choose and define the idea of ​​the channel you want to create, work on it, and download videos constantly. One of the mistakes that many beginners make on YouTube do not specifying the idea of ​​the channel, the content of the channel, or the goal of the channel, and this is the reason for their inability to continue uploading videos and creating content on the channel.

Therefore, you must determine the idea of ​​the channel or the goal of the channel and the content that you will present through your YouTube channel before starting and before creating your YouTube channel.

Determining the idea or content that you want to present depends on what you are good at or what you like to present through your YouTube channel, and it must be something you prefer and be distinct in. If you have the ability to explain and communicate information in a simple and easy way, you can create an educational channel.

And if you love games and have the skill of humor and the ability to talk and attract others, you can create a channel specialized in games, so you must define your goal, skills, and abilities before starting on YouTube.

2- Choose your channel name

After defining the idea of ​​the channel, the channel goal, or the content that you will present in your channel, you must choose a distinct and unique name for your channel that expresses the content that is presented within the channel and at the same time makes it easier for your audience to remember easily and also be a name able to attract the target audience.

It is preferable that the name of your YouTube channel consists of a word or two as a maximum, and at the same time, it expresses the content of the channel so that it is easy for your followers to easily remember.

The name of your channel is considered the way through which the audience can reach you and know what your YouTube channel offers, what is the goal of your channel, and also the name of your YouTube channel is a way to leave the first impression about the channel for viewers.

3- Presenting the content to a high degree and professionally

One of the best ways to create a successful YouTube channel, succeed on YouTube, get many views, build a strong presence on YouTube and build a large audience for yourself, is to provide the content with a high degree and professionalism.

Therefore, all your videos must be filmed in a high-resolution resolution of not less than 1080p in order for the video image to be clear and to be suggested by YouTube, as success and excellence on YouTube comes through shooting high-quality and professional videos.

4- Interact with the audience

As the first step on your way to success on YouTube is interacting with the audience and responding to all comments, as the audience or followers are the main factor for your success and the success of your channel, so you have to realize that YouTube is one of the social media platforms and that it is not a platform for watching videos only.

Therefore, you must interact with your audience and respond to all their questions and inquiries and take their opinions in your upcoming videos,  all of these things help to increase the audience’s confidence in you and increase the loyalty of the audience and followers to you and the channel.

If you do not participate in responding to your audience and followers, in this case, you lose your audience, your followers, and the success of your channel.

5- Promote and disseminate the channel through all social media

Promote your channel on all other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. because this will help your channel and videos spread faster, expand your audience and also help you bring friends and followers on other social media to your YouTube channel.

 Therefore, you should create accounts for yourself on all social networking sites with the same name as your channel, and promote and publish all your videos on other social networking sites.

One of the ways to make your channel succeed faster is, for example, to publish a small part of the video clip on Facebook and invite your followers on Facebook to watch the entire video on your YouTube channel.

This will help you to bring many friends and followers on Facebook to your YouTube channel and thus will increase the number of views, interactions, profits, and channel popularity.

6- Create your own brand

You must create your own distinct content and channel that is attractive to the eye and appear in a professional appearance to build a strong presence on the YouTube platform, so you must create your own brand so that the followers will recognize you easily and stand out.

7- Create a website for your channel

Since creating a website for you is one of the very important things to spread your channel and increase views, you must create a site for you that has the same name as your channel or another name and upload the videos that you publish on YouTube, but in the form of an article.

This will help to bring many visits to your channel from Google through your website and you can create your site now easily and for free through the Blogger platform, it is a free platform that allows you to create a blog or a free website, or you can create a site through the hosting platform, which is also a free platform.

8- Show your audience

You must appear to your audience from time to time in order for your audience and followers to know you because this will increase the interaction between you and them, so you must show your face from time to time to your audience to form an individual bond between you and your audience and this will help increase confidence in you, and you do not have to appear in every video But it should appear every once in a while on your channel.

9- Choose an attractive thumbnail

As choosing an attractive thumbnail for the video has a great impact on the viewers and followers clicking on the video to get acquainted with the content of the video, so be sure to create a professional and attractive thumbnail for the video, and the thumbnail image should also not be misleading for the video because this will later negatively affect you and your channel.

10- Choose an attractive SEO-friendly video title

It is also important to choose a title for the video that is distinctive and attractive that helps bring many viewers to click on the video and includes a keyword or keyword so that the video will top the search results, and the video title should not be misleading until you get more views because this will return You and your channel are negative.

11- Choose the keywords for the video

As you must be careful when choosing keywords or keywords for the video before you start preparing the video content because this will help you to include the best information about this word or topic and also allows you to remember this word and add it to the content automatically and thus YouTube will recognize it easily.

  • What are the keywords: Keywords or keywords are search words that users search for in search engines and are used in articles, video titles, video descriptions, and in the keyword area when uploading the video to appear in search results when visitors or viewers search for this word, and all of this boils down Under the word youtube SEO.

  • What is SEO: SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization, meaning how do we make our website or video appear in the first results of search engines, and YouTube SEO is strategies that you must take to rank in search results.

  • What is the benefit of SEO: When it appears in the first results or advanced results of search engines, this will help your site or channel to spread quickly and also bring you many views and visits, as well as a lot of profits.

  • How to choose the keywords: One of the best tools that will help you choose keywords for a video is  Tubebuddy, as once you register in this tool, it will provide you with a list next to each video or next to each word you search for on YouTube.

From them, you will learn about the best keywords or keywords used in this video in terms of the search rate for this word, the monthly search rate for this word, and also the competition for this keyword.

You will also get to know from this list the largest number of views on this word and the least number of views, and you will also know the channel that leads this word,  and this will help you choose the best keywords targeted for the video.

Tubebuddy tool registration link

12- Always improve your content

Do not always continue to provide the same music and montage in all your videos, but you must constantly develop your content in order to attract more audience and so that the followers and audience do not get bored of the videos and the channel.

13- Always keep posting videos

Where it is better to set yourself a schedule to publish videos at a rate of one video per week if you do not have more time to publish a video every day because the interruption in publishing videos on YouTube causes a decrease in views as well subscribers.

And you must have a stock of videos for at least a month, meaning that you shoot more than one video and save them so that you never stop publishing the videos if a circumstance prevents you from filming videos, and because one of the most common reasons for failure on YouTube is the interruption of downloading videos.

14- patience

Never despair, do not give up, do not delay, and do not compare yourself with someone who has been successful for a long time, and you are still at the beginning, compare yourself with yourself only. Until he became the person you wish to succeed with like him now.

Therefore, you must strive and strive and develop yourself always and be patient, and know that if you strive and work, God does not waste the reward of the best work.

15- Earn money from YouTube

Make your ultimate goal to make money from your YouTube channel after creating your followers and building a strong audience for you on the YouTube platform, and then you will have many different ways to earn money from YouTube.

  • Profit from YouTube ads.
  • Selling items with your videos.
  • Working with companies and funders to promote their products and brands and earn money.

Now that you have learned the most important tips for creating a successful YouTube channel and achieving a strong presence in it, how to create great content and how to promote your channel and profit from it, do not waste time and start creating your own channel.

This was a set of the most important tips for creating a successful YouTube channel, but the most important advice at all is to continue to publish videos and high-quality content.

And now, share your opinion with us through the comments. What are the other practices and tips for success on YouTube and building a strong audience? And don't forget to check out these featured articles.