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Terms of profit from YouTube 2022 and the best tips to achieve these conditions

The conditions for profit from YouTube have become completely different and more difficult than in previous periods, as, in the past, monetization was very simple, starting with just creating the channel and downloading videos on it. These ads, so come to us to talk in this article about these conditions in a very simple and easy way, and we will talk about the most important tips to achieve these conditions.

Terms of profit from YouTube 2022 and the best tips to achieve these conditions

Youtube earning terms

We will not only talk through this topic about the conditions for making money from YouTube, but we will also talk about the most important tips for achieving these conditions and the reason behind setting these conditions by the YouTube administration.

You may think that these conditions are difficult to achieve and not in your favor, but on the contrary, through this topic, you will understand with me that the conditions for profit from YouTube are completely in your favor and help you greatly.

Here are the conditions for earning from YouTube and subscribing to the YouTube Partner Program:

Condition 1 - Comply with YouTube monetization policies

There are many policies set by YouTube, and in order to be profitable from YouTube, these policies must be complied with and adhered to.

There are 4 sections of these policies, which are as follows:

  1. Forum policies pertain to the nature of the content that is presented through videos on YouTube, and these terms and policies must be complied with, whether for channels that are activated or not activated, and you can view the forum policies in detail through the official YouTube page.
  2. Terms of Service Policies These policies are intended for content creators as well as viewers.
  3. Adsense policies, which are very important policies, as the Adsense program must be subscribed to in order to profit from YouTube and make money.
  4. Advertiser-friendly content policies are guidelines for the advertised channels on which ads appear.

Condition Two - Residence in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available

Unfortunately, profit from YouTube is not available for some countries, but the good news here is that most Arab countries have this feature, and in order to achieve profit, you must be residing in a country where this condition is met, which is one of the most important conditions for profit from YouTube 2020.

Condition Three - Achieving 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months

This condition is one of the most difficult conditions, which needs some time to be achieved, as we are not talking here about 4000 views, but 4000 watch hours. For example, if your channel gained one million views and the viewing period was small and 4000 watch hours were not achieved, you are not eligible to subscribe to YouTube Partner Program.

This condition must be achieved in a certain period of time and not since the date of the channel’s creation, and this period is 12 months, as the number of hours in the past 12 months is calculated and thus the status of the channel is known whether it is eligible for profit or not.

It is worth noting that the views you make for yourself are not counted, as it is required that the views be public by others, and in order to achieve this, the content must be distinguished and you continue to publish it.

Achieving a thousand subscribers - one of the most important conditions for profit from YouTube

The number of subscribers to the channel must be more than a thousand, and make sure that your subscribers are real and interested in the videos that you provide so that you can achieve success and activate ads on YouTube with ease.

Fifth Condition - Subscribing to Adsense

After fulfilling the previous conditions, you must submit an application to participate in the Adsense program, which is the link between advertisers and content owners, and you may hear about profit from YouTube without Adsense, but here it has not relied on Google for profit, but other ideas such as affiliates and others.

These are YouTube's terms for monetization 2020, and they are not difficult conditions if you can publish premium content with followers.

How to achieve the terms of profit from YouTube

There are many distinctive tips that help you achieve the conditions for activating the YouTube channel easily without wasting time, such as choosing a suitable field for you and taking care of the videos in terms of quality in addition to publishing continuously and not stopping as it is a fundamental and very important element to increase the effectiveness and success of the channel.

In addition to some other matters such as marketing videos through social networking sites and other marketing channels.

We mentioned in a full and complete article how to achieve the conditions for profit from YouTube through thoughtful steps and distinctive tips that help in that, so read this article from here and follow the steps.

The reason for setting the conditions for earning money from YouTube

Of course, there is a reason to set these terms, as the reasons for setting the policies are not to post content that is violent, exploitive, or anything that might harm viewers.

As for the reason for setting the conditions for achieving 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, it is to know who is serious and who wants to achieve success and continue to work and publish, as the YouTube platform was largely filled with people who are not serious, which increases the number of content creators.

Now, you have a greater chance of achieving more views and success in the presence of not a large number of YouTube program partners as before, and therefore these conditions are in your favor and not against you.

Here, we have talked about the conditions for profit from YouTube 2022, the reasons for setting these conditions, and the best tips to achieve them.

If you encounter any problem with YouTube or anything else related  to profit  from the Internet, do not hesitate to ask, and I will be happy to answer all questions and help you reach