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How to write an SEO friendly article [to be published by Google]

The most important reason for most people to start blogging and creating professional blogs and websites is in order to make money, and of course, no blog will get a profit without visitors, so in this article, I will teach you how to write an article compatible with SEO in order to export your articles to search engines and so you will get visits Lots of extra profits.

How to write an SEO friendly article [to be published by Google]

In the following, my dears, I will teach you, God willing, 6 secrets to writing an article that Google loves, fully compatible with the conditions of SEO.

1- Include the keyword in your website link

Search spiders are very interested in links, my brother, so in order to understand the content of what you offer, I advise you to use the keyword with the link to the article, to make it easier for them to discover the content. Of course, for WordPress users, writing the article link in Arabic or English is easy, as it allows you to formulate it easily. You can never write titles in Arabic, so I advise translating them into English and writing them and not leaving them in the old format Blog-Post

Tip: Do not make your article links long, as this will harm it in the ranking of search engines

2- Write a title that contains the keyword and is friendly to search engines

Yes, as I said, writing a professional title is the first secret to publishing your article. The title is the one that expresses the content, which will provide an idea for Google spiders about the content of your article, so make sure that the target keyword is at the beginning of the title, also try not to exceed the number of words 65 characters until it appears fully In search engines, this will make people understand the content of your article and thus choose the result that contains your site.

As additional advice from me to you my brothers, also try to put some symbols in the title, as this will encourage people to discover your article and will help it later in promoting the results.

3- Professional descriptions for your keywords

One of the most important conditions for writing an article that is compatible with SEO. I would like that the target keyword that you want to top with is present in the description of your article and here, according to my experience, it is preferable to be at the beginning of the description with the addition of an additional word synonymous with it in the description of the article.

Here, you must not forget that the description of your article should not be less than 50 words and not exceed 160 words (if you blog on Blogger, you will notice that you cannot exceed 150 words).

4- Writing an SEO friendly article

1-article length:

The length of the article is an important factor in leading the search engines, especially Google, as it has exceeded the time to write articles between 300 and 500 words, according to the latest statistics, most of the good articles are those that have more than 1900 words.

As for the length here, of course, we mean rich content and not stuffing the content, as this will give an opposite result to your article.

2-Write the keyword in the first paragraph

Google search spiders use artificial intelligence to understand the content of your article and where you rank it, so you must write the target keyword at least once in the first paragraph of the article.

3-Write an article that includes the words related to the target keyword

One of the most important conditions for writing an article compatible with SEO is to include words that are synonymous and similar to the target keyword or what is called in English Related Keywords 

Here, of course, it is not easy to discover all the words related to the keyword, but one of the easiest ways that beginners use is the words that Google adds at the end of the search box. They are usually phrases that users search for content similar to the content you write in your article.

This is of course tiring as it is manual except that what you will get are some phrases and this is really not enough to build your article that will exceed 2000 words as I advised you at the beginning of this article, so personally I use the wonderful guinrank tool that provides you with all that in seconds as it gives you the word difficulty percentage Keywords and suggests to you all the words that must be present in your article to ensure that it is issued to Google.

You can get the Guinrank tool and get a great offer with 70 percent of its price by using the discount coupon 70OFFGET

4-The internal link between your current article and the rest of your site's articles

It is a duty to link internally between your current article and the rest of the articles you wrote previously and which learn the same content of that article, this will certainly help visitors to obtain more information related to the topic of their research, and will reduce the bounce rate, which is one of the factors It is essential for your website to stand out from the rest.

 Other than that, this link will transfer trust from the pages to the other over time, thus increasing the confidence of search engines in your site constantly, and thus more advanced results, God willing.

5-External linking with links to trusted sites

Linking with trusted sites for your article is very important for your article, especially with sites that have the same specialization as your site. Personally, I usually use MOZ when talking about any article interested in SEO content, as it is, in my opinion, the best currently in this field.

5- Professional article segmentation

The article should be divided in a professional and excellent manner that encourages people to read it and encourages search spiders to understand the content by using the keyword in the main and sub-headings of his site, especially the use of H1 and H2 in the article.

  • Each paragraph should not exceed 100 words.
  • The article must contain main headings and sub-headings.
  • Use a font suitable for the eye and make the size and font of the color perfectly suitable for the eye.
  • Never divide an article into more than one page, even if it is long
  • Never use the show more feature, it makes spiders not visit your article

6- Use visual content in your article

It is very important to use visual content in your article to add professionalism to it and provide additional information to visitors, especially adding YouTube videos to your article, which will help it to rank among the search engines, as this will increase the visitor’s stay on your site, or the so-called average time on site, which is one of the most important factors in publishing articles for Google.

Use professional, expressive images on the content of your article and infographic, as they increase the rate of visitor interaction with it, and thus publish it on social media sites while respecting copyright. Do not include images that you do not have or have rights to in your article, as this provides counterproductive results.

According to my experience, these were the most important 6 factors that will teach you how to write an article compatible with SEO, God willing, brother, but you should know that it falls within the framework of the so-called internal improvement of your site or in English on-site optimization, but of course, you need additional improvements so that you can lead through difficult keywords Competition, so you should also use external optimization for your article.