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How to create an online store to sell digital products and digital products

The establishment of electronic stores specialized in selling digital products is the best suitable alternative for electronic commerce stores, especially dropshipping stores, for several reasons, the most important of which is that you will not need a shipping method, as you appreciate the product directly to the customer, and secondly, you will not face problems with the customer such as I did not receive my goods Or damage to the sent product and other reasons that contribute to a great loss for owners of online stores of real products.

How to create an online store to sell digital products and digital products

Therefore, my dear followers of the eglink blog, I decided to share with you the easiest way that will teach you how to create an online store to sell digital products and digital products without any previous experience, and I will also teach you how to link it to the most important payment gateways to receive your profits with ease.

What are the most important digital products that I can sell in my store?

The most important digital products in 2021 that bring a large number of sales:

  1. E-books
  2. Educational courses
  3. Blogger and WordPress Templates
  4. High-quality images
  5. Android apps ready to be modified

Of course, my dear brothers, these are not only the existing digital products that can be sold, but I have chosen for you the best and most selling ones to achieve excellent profits.

Steps to create an online store to sell digital products

Choosing a hosting and domain

To build an online store for selling digital products or the so-called DIGITAL products, the best you will find in the world now are Shopify stores and WooCommerce stores. I personally encourage choosing Woocomer stores for several reasons that I explained in the previous lessons, perhaps the most important of which is the price and attracting visitors from the Google search engine.

To build your professional store through WooCommerce, you need a good domain that symbolizes your store and is easy to memorize for visitors to remember, and a strong hosting able to work without problems, so personally, I always deal with the Hostgator website, which offers a free domain to everyone who chooses the annual plan and an excellent price for all beginners and professionals Especially.

Template selection and store installation

To build a professional store for the sale of digital products, I advise you, my dear brother, with the distinguished Digital Download Pro template, which contains a very professional demo that will encourage people to buy from your site and convince them of it.

Do not forget, after installing the template, to include the activation of their demo to save time for modifying the template and also to get an elegant shape, you can download it from the demo link.

add products

As we said previously, there are many digital products, but I gave an example of the best of them now. Follow this page constantly, as we will offer you many open-source digital products from templates, images, and others.

You can also, in the event that you are not able to provide your own digital services, buy them from Fiverr for services and resell them again.

Add payment gates

In order for the customer to buy from your store, of course, you need payment gates to be able to pay and buy. Perhaps the most famous gate that I recommend is PayPal. Most countries offer this service for purchase, as well as the Stripe gateway that enables the buyer to pay via his bank card.